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A place where you come for the people and for yourself, to get the energy you deserve. A place where you come to make an impact through your work.


Cognizant Softvision Romania

Digital DNA

Softvision joined forces with Cognizant in 2018

Designing Impactful Experiences

to become one of the top providers of digital product design

Engineering Outcomes

and engineering services in the world.


Why we are The Place To Be

We’ve been doing Software Product Engineering for more than 20 years

We have colleagues with tremendous experience, with a variety of knowledge and experience in the newest and greatest technologies, firsthand.

Our technical communities

We are uniquely structured, allowing for historical knowledge to be readily available for both new colleagues and new clients to tap into.

We develop consultancy types of projects with only 5% legacy type

We have amazing Client stories from Partners who consider us vital in achieving their key business requirements!

We deliver new digital experiences for millions of users

We use some of the latest technologies on the web frontend and backend: mobile, Java, .NET, cloud, AI, ML, BigData and DevOps, always with a product mindset, a sharp focus on quality and a constant evolution in our project delivery methodologies.


Some of our communities' insights

People motivation

People motivation

We ensure that Softvisioners have a clear career path to follow, good team collaboration and fair compensation

Project staffing

Project staffing

We have an efficient project allocation mechanism always striving to have a win-win situation for both the project and talent.

Talent development

Talent development

We enable people to grow and develop their skills both technical & non-technical, sharing successes and failures equally, to learn.

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

We put innovative thinking at the front lines of digital transformation, leveraging collective knowledge to deliver excellence.

Enabling Connections

Enabling Connections

Communities connect people with similar aspirations and interests. We share knowledge beyond, scaling up cross-community.

How we transfer knowledge in our .NET Community
  • We transfer knowledge and get to know each other more
  • Internal Community podcast: ‘Morning Commute’
  • Code Walkthrough: React components & unit tests
Power to the people in our DevOps Community
  • Are you tired of trying to understand a new technology or a new tool all by yourself and only finding high-level information?
  • In our DevOps Community we organize regular Tech Talks and project presentations, where colleagues show actual implementations from their projects.
Coffee Community - What to do when you find or write ugly code?
  • Our communities are all about development, so knowledge sharing is a central part of what we do.
  • To facilitate it, we've come up with many opportunities to learn, test our skills and teach.
  • We have a common group where we discuss everything and ask for help (and share memes, obviously).